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Master Glossary

The master glossary of terms and acronyms associated with the Trusted Advisor Toolkit™.

 Advisor PACT™
The Advisor PACT™ is the mindset required to deliver an outstanding quality of service that the financial services industry does not currently provide.

- PACT is an acronym which stands for,
- Protection,
- Attention,
- Coordination and
- Transparency
- This acronym is also called The Four Client Expectations™, as well as The Four Advisor Blind Spots™.
- The Advisor PACT™ Pledge is a promise made to every Ideal Client during The Initial Client Interview™ or The Implementation Meeting™.
- Mark listened to 200 recordings of The Initial Client Interview™ (Financial Road Map® Meetings), and PACT represents the most common desires of Potential Clients.
- These are also called The Four Advisor Blind Spots™ since these are the 4 things that, the more successful and the more affluent the Potential Client, the more important these 4 things are.
- Our data also shows that these are 4 things that Potential Clients do not feel are available from any Financial Advisor anywhere at any price.  Nearly ever Potential Client has given up finding any Financial Advisor able and willing to deliver all 4 of these pledges.
- Advisor PACT™ represents an opportunity for advisors to step-up and shine as that rare advisor who is both able and willing to deliver The Four Client Expectations™.
- Making The Advisor PACT™ Pledge to every Ideal Client is a great differentiator for you.  Making these 4 promises will likely make you "The Only Game In Town" for client seeking these 4 things.
 Advisor Value Score
A method of measuring your indispensability, and your value, to your clients.  The Advisor Value Score™ (AVS) is an extremely short client survey based upon an article Mark McKenna Little read in the Harvard Business Review in 2003.  The AVS is a simple project designed to be implemented (managed) by your Administrative Manager for every client progress meeting.
Instructions for The Advisor Value Score™ (AVS) may be found here...
The Toolkit Home / Programs / The Administrative Manager Online Program / Administrative Manager Resources / The Advisor Value Score
 Annual Recurring Revenue Exercise™
A spreadsheet-based exercise to help define your Ideal Client Community and Non-Ideal Clients.
The Annual Review™
The Annual Recurring Revenue Exercise™
Bachrach and Associates, Inc.
Best-in-Class Assessment
Back Up
Certified Financial Analyst
Chief Financial Officer
Certified Financial Planner®
Chief Investment Officer
 Client Progress Meeting
Any meeting scheduled with a client for the purpose of reviewing progress towards stated goals, setting or revising goals, or discussing recommendations made by your Subject Matter Experts.
Certified Public Accountant
Client Service Assistant
Client Service Manager
The Comprehensive Safety Review™
The Commitment to Hire™
The Check Your Aim Client Exercise™­­­
Deliverables Checkpoints™
Director of Client Services
 Deliverables Checkpoints™
142 Action items completed annually to support The Ten Client Deliverables™.
The Deliverables Checkpoints™ are the supporting checklist items which comprise The Ten Client Deliverables™ and must all be completed annually for ever Ideal Client.
 Deliverables Team
The "oversight team" (including Subject Matter Experts) that oversees client implementation and ensures every Deliverables Checkpoint™ "gets done" and provides comprehensive financial services to your Ideal Clients.
The Dry-Run Prep Meeting™
Deal Structure Meeting™
Deliverables Team
Deliverables Team Member(s)
The Deliverables Team Roundtable
Enrolled Agent