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Flat Fee Car Purchasing Resource For Your Clients

Here is the only flat-fee car purchasing consultant that our firm has been comfortable with. - Mark

Tony Langenderfer purchases the cars for most of our ideal clients.  A few of our clients, very very few, enjoy the challenge of buying a car themselves, but the vast majority absolutely HATE going to car dealerships and dealing with those people.

So, if you want to utilize the one consultant on which I have performed due diligence, who works on a flat $595 fee and will not accept a penny in compensation on the car deal itself, then you may want to consider utilizing Tony to purchase the cars for all of your ideal clients and their kids.

Hire Tony to purchase your client's next car or call me directly if you want more information about how Tony has worked for my firm and my clients.


Here is some information from Tony's collateral marketing material


Tony's Guarantee:
"If, after your purchase or lease with my help, you're convinced that a valuable service was not provided which saved you time and money, I will refund my fee."