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Password Resets

If you have had difficulties getting logged in we recommend that you follow this procedure.

At the end of 2010 we switched to Single-Sign On (SSO) for log-ins, which required all members to reset their passwords and then use their registered email address to login instead of an 'username'.

If you are experiencing problems related to this, we recommend that you follow this procedure to accomplish a 'fresh' password reset: 
  1. goto the site & click on "Lost Password" (next to log in)
  2. enter your registered email address, where we've been sending you email
    (must be a unique email address, preferably that only you have access to)
  3. an email with a fresh 'reset' link will arrive within a minute or two.
    • If you do not receive an email within a couple of minutes please use the Contact Us form for assistance.
    • If you have received more than one reset email please make sure you use the most recent link !
  4. set your new password (it is case sensitive)
  5. log in with the same email address and the new password 


If you can browse from page to page without being logged out, then you are all set.

More about browser "cookies": 

For security purposes many companies restrict cookies, but in all but the very most restrictive cases you should not get warnings about cookies.  

If you do have a problem staying logged in, check this help section to find information specific to your browser or use the 'contact us' link (top right menu) to request assistance.

~ The Systems Team