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How Do I Build An Easily Salable Practice?

Some day it would be nice if I could sell my business for millions. That implies it is a business which could run itself without me. It should be such a great business that I might even consider just keeping it forever.


What makes a practice easily salable is:

  1. Happy Loyal Clients Who are Served at the Highest Levels in the IndustryTA-Her
  2. Clients Who Refer New Potential Clients in EVERY Meeting because of the value experienced in the meeting
  3. Recurring Revenue made possible by recurring value provided to clients
  4. High Profitability
  5. Easy to Learn Systems and Process
  6. A Unique Value Proposition
  7. Superbly Trained Staff and a System for Recruiting, Training and Leading Internal and External (outsourced) Staff
  8. Client-Firm Relationships that Transcend the Advisor
  9. A Business Model That Delivers All of the Above While the Advisor Works 3-4 Days per Week

There is no training program, coaching program or software anywhere that does what The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ delivers to financial advisors (unless this toolkit is a component of the program already). We are unique in the marketplace because we can and do deliver every one of these attributes to our advisors’ businesses every day. Regardless of whether you want to sell your practice today or in some distant future, aren’t these exactly the attributes you want your business to have?

What is The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ System?

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